Buying, Display, & Care

If you choose to purchase any of these one-of-a-kind items in our shop, first off, thank you! Secondly, know that anything we sell is vintage or antique unless otherwise stated. These items are used, old, and some have been stored in attics or garages long forgotten. This means they will have imperfections. I do not launder everything so some items may have an aroma of old. Some pieces are uneven and have changed color or texture. Many items have stains, bends, and fold lines that add character while others may have small holes, rips, or tears, where it's been loved and used for its intended purpose for many years until it found you. 

I make no attempts to hide these characteristics from the buyer as I feel that they add to the history and beauty of each piece. All items are described as accurately as possible, but please ask questions and look at the pictures provided to educate yourself on what you're buying. Just because it's imperfect doesn't mean it doesn't have life and love to share with you for many more years to come. 

Some pieces come with very little information or known history. I will share whatever information or stories I receive upon finding these goods.

Rug care: Spot clean or get professionally cleaned. Never attempt to wash them as the colors may bleed and the weaving may come apart.

Flag care: Flags can be gently steamed or ironed to remove folds or odors. Do not get them wet as some colors may bleed.

Flag display: If you want to hang your flag on the wall horizontally without putting a hole in the flag corner, we recommend using a binder clip and a nail.

Blanket care: We recommend getting them professionally cleaned to avoid any changes in integrity.

Thank you for trusting us with your walls, floors, and homes in which we hope you'll enjoy your purchase.